What is Eylan Arts, what does it mean, and how do you say it? Early in 2008, Baron and Morgan Smith, were working on art projects here and there for friends, family, and the occasional friend-of-a-friend. Seeing the opportunity to own our own business, we decided to start Eylan Arts.  We went back and forth about names and meanings, like you do when you’re naming your first child, or maybe every child, because that is how we saw our business.  We wanted to have just the right name that was easy to remember and meaningful in it’s roots, and so Eylan Arts was born.  Using the Hebrew word for sacred tree, “Eylan” we hoped to establish and convey our love for nature and especially our love for trees. Pronounced “E-lawn,” we’ve had some confusion and many questions about it’s meaning and we’re happy to tell the story and explain how important and beautiful the outdoors and nature is to us.


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