At Eylan Arts Screenprinting we strive to provide customers with great design on high quality apparel. Whenever possible we try to use garments and supplies that are made in Texas or in the USA.

Our goal is to provide outstanding design work to our clients that goes beyond their needs and requirements. We focus on high quality, soft, comfortable, and stylish shirts. We know that occasionally clients will want the cheapest shirt, but when possible we strive for comfort and quality over price. Our goal is to make your new, favorite shirt, one that is well designed and super comfortable.

We primarily use water based inks and supplies that are more environmentally friendly. Water based inks don’t contain all of the harsh chemicals that the normal plastisol inks contain and are therefore safer to wear and to make, with less impact on the environment.  We want to avoid the “bullet-proof” screen print that often occurs when printing light colors on dark shirts with traditional plastisol inks.

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